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Friday, February 17, 2012


selamat pukul sepuluh  everyone. dah lewat sesangat kalau nak wish happy monthsary kat sini kan? humm. sorry. lately im so freaking busy. well, baru dapat online. happy monthsary dear you.

hiiiii :> he did nothing bad for these thirty days, as sweet as always, as spoiled as always. as cute as always. he did care more about me than myself as always. hmm ok. since im sick. i know that im blast that i got you. promise. youre the best among the greatest. but sometimes, i do annoy you forever. sorry, i know i behave wrongly but i just cant pretand that im perfect sayang.

its monthsary, lateron i hope it will stay till anniversary. can we just make it stay forever sayang? i love you :* no matter what happen, no matter what others say. i will always right behind you to support you. yes, whenever you need me :3

he's in Kedah now, yes i miss him. a lot. he didnt text me yet. where are you? btw, its okay. i know youre tired there. yes, i am an understanding girlfriend. hewhew. sayang i miss you. i miss your voice. sayang i miss your sweet jokes. for short sayang, i miss your everything. every single thing about you.

peeps, its already twelve. i need to sleep. need to get my sleeping beauty. goonight guys. *flying kiss*

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