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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


assalamualaikum. long time no meet mah blog pepal. how are you guys? hihi kinda busy now days wasting my time. urgh Actually im doing my sejarah paper 3 and im kinda boring sitting infront of my laptop and just reading the articles about tamadun. zzzzz lets talk about something else besides sejarah.

ive promise to myself that im going to study hard this year. im going to make it. but sudendly i always skip my addmath and chemst class. god :( i want to study but my friend keep pushing me to the negative side. what a bad luck of me got a friend liddat.

its okay. but then, im not blaming her for this. im weak. a very weak person. i can get along with everyone but i cant stop them from being 'them'. they're good friends but a very bad friends too. its okay to tell the truth here right? am i right? hehehehehehehehehe whatever hope sheeeeeeee donttt read this shittttt,

lol guys. you know wht? im getting fat now. aaaaa :( i ate everything that i want. live ones bro. tak kesah ah nak gemuk ke kurus. nak puaskan nafsu makan gua sampai gua dah takda nafsu makan. gua nak mintak byebye dulu k guys? k? k? alaaaaa dont be sad. i'll be here again as soon as ive finish my spm paper nxt year.

pray for me. 9A+ insyaAllah. Amin

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