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Monday, January 23, 2012


Assalamualaikum people, buka buku baru tutup buku lama okay? let bygone be bygone. i have delete all those fucking desperate post. eh? not fucking desperate actually. a love with no reply? yes, perfect!

first of all, i got a good news, a very good one. im taken by Muhamad Syahmie Amri. the one and only. how sweet of me right? hihi. im not sugar but im sugarcane. hikhik. Actually, im trying for not being in a relationship for this two years. but, he came, he came with love, full of love. yes i love you totek. he treat me well. he treat me like a princess. i do felt it. since he with me, i cant stop laughing, i cant leave him.even not to talk to him for one day. yes, he's the one. but there is always one thing that do scared me. lie. lies is the last things i wanna meet. lies is the fucking last thing.

we need to cooperate if we want this to stay baby. and yes, im trying not to push you. i want you to be always at my side in whatever conditon. oteii sweetie pie? i do promise you that i will never giveup on you.. i promise you to give all that you need. i have no idea to spill here actually. im doing  this while im waiting my sayang to reply my bbm. i thats all. just wanna give a hit on you guys. i have a new cute boyfriend here! hihi btw, got to go. freaking sleepy already. goodnight love.

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