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Monday, January 30, 2012


pejam celik pejam celik. the holidays is just over yesterday. i hate school booyaa! i went to school yesterday but i spent my whole day in bilik sakit. damn. my head is killing me again and again. wanna call my mom to pick me up actually but my friend told me to accompany her. friend? im okay. kihkih. okay. lets forget about yesterday and lets write about my day. can i?

woke up at 6:15 as always. call my sayang. wake him up for subuh and as a morning call also. how sweet of me. right? hihi. papa came into my room. he asked me whether im going to school or not. my head is killing me but i have to study. oh god! hmm. im not going to school yet. still thinking. and lastly im not going to school. kewl liddat. i need to rest. here i come beddy! ahhhhhh.

wokeup again at 8 something,i told my sayang that i waaaaaant black forest. starving for chocolate. at first he scold me for eating something that will make me sick but later then i keep begging him. he told me that he will buy it this evening. nah, im kidding boyfriend.

amaaagaaad, he bought me chocolate. yess. he sent it to mah house just now. sayang why are you so sweet? sweet as hell. i love yaa. im starving for that thing for a thousand years already. acececeeeh. you looked cute just now with your hair comb liddat. love it much. sayang, thankyou for treating like this. like a princess. sayang thankyou for everything. You keep loving me tho im not that perfect to take care of you. yes sayang i do love yaa. i will keep this little relationship stay. promise you as always.

guys, its already late. almost magrib. wanna grab my evening first. Assalamualaikum. ;)

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