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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


morning! its ten. yesterday i text a friend of mine and asked for sorry. he's sitting for his spm started yesterday but ive forgot to say sorry earlier. then ive texted him yesterday and say sorry and goodbye. i do think so thats a good decision lah kan? asking sorry from someone is a good things. tak rugi pun. and he also asked forgiveness from me and yeah we're zerozero. im happy that no one is tying a rope now. but im a lila bit worry now. yeah lot actually. someone have come to me and tie hiself. i dont want to give hope to anybody else dah. stop. i wont layan anybody from nowdays onwards.i dont want to give them a fake hope. yeah i wont hurt peoples heart. imma good girl. im soooo sooo sorry dear admire. ceh. ayat bajet retis wehh :) haha. tapi am really sorry kay. bukan taknak layan. tapi taknak bagi harapan palsu dekat korang. tau tak? kalau kita bagi harapan palsu kat seseorang tu kita akan rasa bersalah. sangatlah bersalah. lebih lebih lagi kalau org tu berharap sangat sebabkan cara kita treat dia. orang tu akan rasa down. ive felt that way before. but before la kan. sangat sakit. hell hell like. fuking hell like!!!!!!! but its okay. we learn from our mistakes and people do make mistakes. its all normal.

now taknak layan lebih dah kot sebab before ni, semua bestfriends yang boys aku cakap aku taruh harapan kat diorang. Woooooi woi aku tak taruh harapan kat korang la. korang je perasaan aku taruh harapan kat korang:p apelah. aku layan korang macam bestfriends ah jangan ingat aku lebih lebihkan eh. so lame. olololo. kalau korang be my bestfriends is more okay than be my boyfriends ah kot. eh boyfriendS pulak. boyfriend. no S. hahahahaha :p bajet sial aku. saya boring dan saya okay dan saya nak pegi bakar lemak dan saya nak mandi dan saya nak tidur. its rainny. Wow oowow. wanna take a short nap, hmm no. long nap maybe. haha. papai guys. see you on my next post. 

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